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Natural Plant Quintes Foot Patch (12 patches)
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Natural Plant Quintes Foot Patch (12 patches)

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Discharges toxins, relieves muscles aches, and nourishes the whole body


Discharges toxins and improves health

Relieves muscle ache and rheumatism naturally

Improves circulation throughout the body

Helps relieve fatigue and sleepless nights

Relieves foot odor naturally

Product Details:
Average Customer Rating: based on 23 reviews
Label Information:
Ingredients: Natural bamboo extract powder, natural fine mineral powder, loquat leaves, tourmaline, trace elements, chitin, vitamin C, vitamin E, orange essential oil
Indications: To discharge toxins, improve health, relieve muscle aches, improve circulation, and relieve foot odor
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 23 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

30 of 32 found the following review helpful:

5I had a serious miracle - from total skeptic to ordering them in bulk online!Mar 22, 2012
By Dharma "Dharma Wild"
So, to make a long story short, I had been sick a very long time with digestive perisis, a paralysis of the digestive tract. It was extremely painful and I was sick for over 3 years, unable to do much besides lay in bed in pain and take pills prescribed to me. I couldn't go to the bathroom and was having other problems, like lack of appetite and pain.

All the pills seemed to make it worse, and none of the laxatives would help me go. I frequently had to use enemas or had to go to the ER for it, which as you can imagine would be very unpleasant in a number of ways. Eventually, they gave me very very powerful laxatives, lactulose solution, I took 30ml to 60ml a day on my doctors advisement to go to the bathroom. When I would do that it was extremely painful and cramping, loose, and would eat hours of my day of me being sick in the bathroom. It was horrible, and eventually that stopped helping as much and I had to regularly use enemas and suppositories. It was very bad.

One day I was picking up more of these prescriptions and I saw these at the front for $8 a package which contained 6 patches in it. (more expensive then these are listed right now) I thought it was stupid, but the back said it helped with constipation and detoxification of the body, amongst other things like insomnia and trouble sleeping deeply and well. I thought that it couldn't hurt to try it for that small amount of money, even though it looked ridiculous. So I bought it.

I used it, and peeled off gooey fatty looking pads in the morning that where nearly black. Someone said that you can achieve the same results with steam, I just want to point out that I have a science background and just because that is the case doesn't mean it doesn't work. Perhaps the heat/sweat is a catalyst for whatever it is that works, but SOMETHING works. I wish I had a mass spectrometer to see what is inside the steam one vs. one of mine at this point.

But the next day, not only did I sleep through the night, which I haven't done in literally years, but I woke up feeling refreshed early in the morning. Then, the strangest thing happened, later on, I went to the bathroom like a normal person, without any drugs, and without having to be sick for hours of painful cramping. This has not happened in 3 years. It didn't happen with all the medicine, all the stuff the doctors did, I was terrified of what lay ahead when I was so young and couldn't go to the bathroom at all. (I'm in my 20s and used to be fairly healthy, now I'm recovering and will be 110% soon, and I believe that these pads will help me get there now!) I was amazed. I feel fantastic. So the next night, half thinking maybe it was a fluke for some reason, I put them on again. The next day, the same thing, only better. I have been using them every night, and every morning I'm able to go to the bathroom, wake rested, and have slept through the night. Once again, this has not happened for years. (the sleeping is not AS dramatic of a change as the bathroom habits for me, but I'm sure experiences may vary.)

I can't tell you how grateful I am that these things where there, and that I randomly chose to buy a box of them. They are amazing. The next day I went and bought tons more. Then, scared I'd run out, I bought out the entire display lol. (I don't want to have to go another day unable to go to the bathroom or sleep or feeling well again!)

That is why I bought them here in bulk. I have 48 coming to my house right now I believe. I will order more when I'm running low (which would be 4-5 boxes now to me lol. I can't tell you how important it is for me to have these now, nothing has helped this problem before.) because these are amazing. Buy them, seriously. I'm not switching brands, I know nothing about other brands, this one works and that's all I need to know. I've heard mixed things about other brands, but I don't know if that is just because they are more widely known and thus get more criticism, or because they are inferior, but I know these work wonders for me.

My S.O. has even had luck with them relieving muscle pain, because he is on his feet all day. (that is supposed to be another thing it helps) And he was even more skeptical then I was I think!

My point being, buy these, don't buy a few, buy a hundred! lol. You will not want to run out when you get them. Make sure you follow instructions, and enjoy the benefits of this bizarre product.

Seriously, like, about a dollar a night for that much of a benefit? For comfort and a good night's rest? It's a no brainer, that is completely worth it.

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nov 30, 2012
By VadeMecum "VadeMecum"
Ok so I have ulcertive colitis and have been trying natural remedies for my body for over a decade. I eat super "clean" meaning I only eat a handful of fruit, some nuts, fish, a little chicken, some veggies and do not eat any dairy, no sugar at all, no condiments, no grains of any kind, no alcohol, no soy, and I exercise daily and lift weights along with taking supplements. I didn't think mine would turn out black because I eat like I"m on a constant detox anyway but I have used it for one night so far and the pads were totally black. I figured I wouldn't feel a drastic improvement with it being the first day, but my legs feel hollow in a good way, really light. When i woke up my abs were a lot more defined than normal and all my joints felt loose and my body more flexible. I also noticed that my jaw does not crack anymore - I clench my jaw when I sleep and my jaw constantly cracks when I open it wide but my jaw feels really good and light with no clicking. My back and intestines also feel amazing. I'm skeptical about this stuff so I know it is not a placebo effect, trust me I have been so disappointed with a lot of alternative treatments - battling with a disease that has no cure tends to make you feel bummed out about new ways of improving health. Anyway I'm so pumped about these and I look forward to seeing how and if they will continue to work well for me!

I noticed other reviews for similar products that said they included the sticky pads as separate pads so it advertized 12 but you only actually got 6, well this came nicely boxed with 13 sticky pads and 13 herbal pads so you get what you pay for. They do smell strong, smells to me like weird bbq sauce! It does make your sheets kind of smell like it a little, but for the benefit you get I can put up with having a couple sets of extra sheets :)

I purchased 2 boxes so I'll come back and review how the product continues to work over the next couple weeks.


UPDATE: Ordered more and I have been using them for over 6 weeks now - the pads kept fluctuating from black to green/brown and I noticed that on days I feel more run down the pads turn out black, so it makes sense that on those days I have more toxins. Mine still have not gone light brown but I understand why. I saw a specialist this month for my ulcertive colitis, got my organs scanned and found out that despite being super healthy, all of my filtering organs have been overworked because of trying to compensate for my messed up colon and so they are all run down and are filled with bacteria - basically I'm super toxic right now so I have been put on an extreme year long detox supplement and diet routine to bring all my organs back to health. Why am I wasting your time with this personal info? Well this explains why my pads are still turning out black for 6 weeks solid, I"m just a walking toxin ha ha

So I originally thought because they were constantly black/brown then maybe they just respond to heat and are not really sucking out toxins, maybe what I experienced before was not real. But on a couple of days I didn't use the patches and I felt more bloated and did not sleep as deeply. I usually get extreme pain in my right knee when flying on planes and I just flew return trip with the patches on with no pain, and no bloating - felt like I was sitting in a living room reading a book!

So while I do my special detox for my organs I will keep using these patches until the color stops being so dark. I still feel the difference when I use them, I sleep deeper, I am not as bloated, my limbs feel more loose and my insides feel more lean. I also think they help me to go to the bathroom regularly but I'm still testing that theory out ;)

UPDATE: After using these patches for over 6 months, and using them alongside my detox with my specialist, they finally started to turn light brown until now, they hardly change the pad any color unless I leave them on for like 12 or more hours!!!! When I got my body scanned last month, my organs are no longer sludged up with toxins and this goes perfectly with how the pads stopped turning black and dark brown. Now I only wear the pads every once in a while, especially when I feel run down. I think if I still used them every night they would benefit me with circulation and for my joints and muscles but because I already spend around $500/month on supplements to try and heal my busted up body - I just can't afford to use these every day at the moment. But once my body is fully balanced, I might try using these every other night.

Basically I can confidently conclude that these really do work - and its not just about turning the pad black, they work even when the color is a light brown because the herbs help with circulation, bloating, joint pains, and muscle aches. These have truly worked wonders for me - not as a stand-alone cure for all of your ailments but as a drastic help alongside being healthy. I LOVE these!!!!

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5they work for meSep 11, 2010
I have tried several patches, including a top brand that came directly from Japan. These always turn a sticky black when I use them and I seem to sleep better the nights I use them, so that leads me to believe something good is happening! I don't like to use them two nights in a row because I am very sensitive and sort of "feel" it in my system. I like to use them at the end of the weekend because the weekend is when I indulge in foods that are not so healthy for me like cake, cookies and dairy products.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5It works!Jun 24, 2012
By martys
I used them for several nights in the row. I think it really works! I put them on different parts of my feet. I have problems with sinuses and when I put the patch on the bottom of my toes ( which reflects sinuses) it turned out much more sticky and dark than in the other parts. I didn't have a headache for a while too. I will definitely continue using them as I believe it really helps removing toxins from my body. Also, it makes my sleep much better, I sleep like a rock and feel/look more refreshed in the morning.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

2Great marketing, shoddy construction, okay performanceFeb 05, 2013
By Thoughtful "Searcher"
This brand - Deity American "Natural plant quintes" Foot Patch - is about the fourth or fifth different brand of foot patches I've tried. They came in a very tastefully designed box, with a great little instruction/information sheet. The patches themselves looked just about the same as all the other ones I've tried. The difference was that in the morning after wearing them overnight, the gauze that held the material against my foot had ripped open and there was black gunk oozing out in several places - very messy. Perhaps it's because I had to get up in the night and walk on them for a bit, but then who doesn't? Fortunately, I had worn socks over them and the socks came clean in the wash. This happened on more than one occasion with this brand of foot patches, and never has with any others. The feeling of detox was about average from these, whereas I find that the "BodyRelief Pads" with Germanium and Tourmaline seem more effective.

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